Automation will replace your job sooner than you think.

What happens after the smartest software developers hired today solve their employer’s hardest problems?

This question above has been bugging me for weeks.

I’ve been developing software professionally for the better part of 20 years and a consultancy owner since 2005. In that time, the software industry matured from fighting with COM and IRQ ports to meeting high expectations for performance over and over again. The world is growing up quickly and we just don’t have the same problems we faced years ago. It’s reasonable to think we can achieve real automation solutions and it will happen sooner than you can imagine.

Software development is unlike other professions. By creating software, a developer creates a set of instructions to perform a task an infinite number of times at a marginal cost near zero. Good software developers are valuable because the work they produce, which is owned by companies that employ them, is a form of that developer continuing to do work long after the initial investment. In essence, a software developer’s job is to replace work with machine code. Once that job is complete, the companies that employ the developer will either explore new markets or will reduce investment in their software team.

At the same time, coding bootcamps schools are exploding in popularity. Last year, coding bootcamp schools turned out 138% more students than the previous year. The world has fallen in love with the idea of software development as a profession and is training more new software developers than ever before.

What happens when the world’s smartest developers put themselves out of a job at the same time we are training more developers than ever? Combine this situation with venture capitalists who are searching for big returns in software companies and you have a recipe for a machine that eats every job it can — at an ever-accelerating rate.

The same internet that brings Netflix and Facebook to you will bring about the end of work as we know it, and it will be here much faster than you think due to an oversupply in labor. Remember, with a globally connected network, it will only take a single company located anywhere on the planet to develop tools that will automate your job. The delivery mechanism for the end of your work is already here and adoption rates for new technology are getting faster and faster.

If you aren’t already planning for what’s described above, your time to act is getting smaller. Work with me and I’ll help you defend your competitive advantage by building custom software tools designed around what makes your business unique and different. Get started by visiting